Boil and bite mouth guard/gum shield

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1. Add boiling water to suitable utensil/cup.

2. Wait 30 seconds.

3. Place gumshield into utensil with water for 20 seconds. (Be careful not to exceed this time)

4. Remove gumshield with spoon shaking off any excess water.

5. Carefully place gumshield around upper teeth, bite down firmly while sucking strongly, using fingers to press edges of gumshield into teeth and gums. Continue process for 20 seconds.

6. Remove gumshield and place in utensil/cup with ice-cold water for 10 seconds.

7. Replace the gumshield over teeth to test for fit and retention.

8. Keep mouth open whilst testing the fit to ensure the gumshield remains stuck to upper teeth for more than 30 seconds. The gumshield should not fall out on its own accord and should feel comfortable. If this is not the case, then repeat the above steps once more.

9. If discomfort is still experienced after repeating the moulding process, do not use.


Ø This gumshield is not intended for use with braces.

Ø Do not chew your gumshield.

Ø Do not share your gumshield or its box with others.

Ø Do not wear your gumshield if it is showing signs of wear, cracks or splits.

Ø Do not deface, draw on, cut or modify your gumshield.

Ø Do not wear your gumshield if discomfort is experienced.

Ø Do not expose to extreme heat, extreme cold or direct sunlight.

Ø Always dry your gumshield and store in the box when not in use

Ø Parents – Please check the fit of your child’s gumshield regularly to ensure that it is not conflicting with the development of the mouth and teeth.

Ø The gumshields are only to be used as an item of personal protective equipment and should not be used for any other purpose, such as a snore guard or device to prevent teeth grinding.